Critical progress has been made in reducing mother-to-child HIV transmission globally, yet
pregnant and postpartum women continue to struggle with barriers to health services, poor
retention and adherence, and health system challenges that compromise health outcomes for
mothers and babies.
The “Integrated Management Team to Improve Maternal-Child Outcomes” (IMPROVE)
intervention is a comprehensive, evidence-based strategy to improve maternal and child health
(MCH) outcomes through patient-centered, participatory service delivery and multidisciplinary
management teams (MDT). The intervention includes three key approaches: (1) multidisciplinary,
integrated management teams of facility- and community-based health care and lay workers,
(2) Joint Positive Health Dignity, and Prevention (PHDP)-focused counseling for patients and
skills-building training and job aids for health workers, and (3) increased early community-based
counseling and support for patients…more