Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD


The Department of Family Medicine in the Johannesburg Health District has arranged a referral forum in each Sub-District/Region of the City of Johannesburg to ensure that referrals from local government and provincial clinics to provincial CHCs and then to provincial referral hospitals is streamlined and improved. Referral forums are being facilitated in the following regions by the following clinical managers.

  • Sub-Districts A,B,C,E,F Dr. Djenge Emungu [(072) 925-4928 /]
  • Sub-District D: Dr. Mauricio Ruiz [(082) 936-1675 /]
  • Sub-District G: Dr. Ashraf Moti [(082) 468-0684 /]

We are very keen that all stakeholders join these forums, especially referral hospitals so that up-referral can be improved. Please contact the doctors above to join the forums. We hope to peer-review all referrals, as well as utilisation of drugs, investigations etc based on amended essential drugs/investigation lists while increasing the number of doctors at local clinics.

We had arranged a down referral form from hospitals to clinics in Johannesburg. This was used with great success for many years. Unfortunately, it was hard-copy based and has slowly become outdated. We are now encouraging all stakeholders in this space to use Vula App to manage referrals upwards and downwards. All healthcare workers within Johannesburg Health District should choose the Johannesburg Department of Family Medicine and then their facility as their site of work. We would like to aid the process with a revised list of facilities in the district now provided, especially highlighting where doctors are present in facilities of the district. See more about Johannesburg Regions/Sub-Districts. See the List of Jhb Clinics. Please reach out to Elizanne Lindeque of Vula App [‭(073) 199-9609‬/] if you would like assistance as an institution.

We are also very keen that all GPs and other private providers join this process, with a representative per region / sub-district representing this constituency in the referral forums. In order to build up a database of GPs and other private providers we are requesting all private providers to fill in this form [] Please register each branch or site of practice in the form.

Please join the different WhatsApp groups for Private Providers so that we can improve communications by the Department of Family Medicine in Johannesburg Health District.

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