Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD


The Department of Family Medicine in the Johannesburg Health District had arranged a down referral form from hospitals to clinics in Johannesburg. This was used with great success for many years. Unfortunately, it was hard-copy based and has slowly become outdated.

The form has been revised and a revised list of facilities in the district now provided, especially highlighting where doctors are present in facilities of the district. See more about Johannesburg Regions/Sub-Districts. We hope this will aid appropriate referrals from hospitals. All hospitals are advised to make copies of the list of facilities and put up in the hospital wards to help doctors referring patients into the community of Johannesburg. Referring doctors should fill in the form indicating the facility they are referring patients to. Knowing which facility has doctors can help decide this.

Jhb DFM Referral Form

List of Jhb Clinics 2020

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