Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Life Purpose

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I was born a Muslim but truly embraced Islam at 11 years old when a teacher described the line of messengers from Adam, through Abraham, Moses, Jesus and ending with Mohamed (peace be on all of them), all with the simple message that God (Allah in Arabic) is One, beyond our comprehension except by Allah’s 99 Names. He described how all humans would stand equally before Allah and account for their time on earth, what they did: good or bad. It made me humble before Allah, Great and Glorious, but also fearless amongst people. This mindset led me in high school and medical school to be an activist against the apartheid system. The three verses of Sura 103, named Al-Asr, in the Quran, has continued to be my guiding light, in all that I have done in rural Kokstad, urban Gauteng, and across Africa. It is also why I am so passionate about causes such as those of Palestinians, Kashmiris and Ughyurs.

By Time!

Humankind is in a state of loss.

Except those who have faith (in One God), and do good,

and who urge truth and who urge patient perseverance.

My journey to being a good Muslim is ongoing. I ask Allah for guidance continuously. The Prophet Mohamed (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be on him) showed us that the best way to talk to Allah is alone on your knees and hands raised in the darkness of the night.

I am collecting resources here that are helping me be a better Muslim and can be of help to others if Allah wills! I find the stories of recent reverts/converts to Islam really inspiring as Muslims forget the clarity of Islam. Just searching on any social media produces lots.

Join his course. Sign up at I found it truly helpful in making my salaah a real connection with Allah SWT.

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