We’d like to announce our most recent eight videos on postpartum hemorrhage. The footage was shot in maternities in Nepal, Indonesia, Rwanda, and Ghana. We’ve included several animations to unpack skills and “make visible” the action going on inside a woman’s body.

This collection of videos aims to help teach health workers the skills they need to care for women who are bleeding after birth. Two videos cover recognition and management of bleeding problems (Bleeding After Birth and Managing Severe Bleeding After Birth). Six videos provide more detailed instruction on procedures and skills to manage postpartum hemorrhage (Manual Removal of the Placenta, Uterine Balloon Tamponade, Cervical Tears, Uterine Compression, Aortic Compression, and Using an Anti-Shock Garment).

The content of the videos complements the learning module Helping Mothers Survive: Bleeding after Birth Complete, which was developed by Jhpiego and endorsed by ICM, FIGO, UNFPA, ICN, and AAP. The videos are organized so that they can be easily accessed and used as a complementary tool by both instructors and learners.

The videos are available on our website in English, French, and Spanish, and can be accessed at this link: bit.ly/ghmpbirth

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