Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Research Questions

Some research questions already being asked in the group are

  • PhD at Ethics Application Stage titled “A primary health care approach to non-communicable diseases: the role of community healthcare workers in the implementation of a brief intervention for physical activity in South Africa”
    • What is the evidence base of physical activity assessment, promotion, and prescription by community health workers for persons in poorly resourced settings/communities?
    • What are community health workers’ (CHWs) and key stakeholders’ perceptions on CHWs involvement in assessment, prescription, and promotion of physical activity for noncommunicable diseases?
    • What are CHWs’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices in assessment and promotion of physical activity before and after a training intervention on physical activity?
    • What is CHWs’ acceptability of a physical activity brief intervention protocol?
    • What is the difference between a group of CHWs actively supported by a biokineticist and a group without support when implementing a physical activity brief intervention protocol?
  • PhD at Protocol Development Stage, titled “Effective Primary Health Care Service Delivery For Successful NHI and UHC: An In-depth Analysis of Promising Practices and Potential Lessons in South Africa”
    • What valuable service delivery models/cases exist at primary health care level that could support effective PHC delivery in the envisaged NHI system?
    • What aspects of the modes/cases are ‘valuable’ and can be adopted or reconfigured for the NHI environment to contribute to an effective PHC delivery system in South Africa?
  • PhD at Protocol Development Stage, titled “Exploring the capacity of gauteng health sub-districts in implementing National Health Insurance”
  • PhD at Idea Development Stage, titled “Accreditation for private providers in the context of National Health Insurance in South Africa”

Some other useful research questions that potential researchers could consider are:

  • What is the utilisation, accessibility and satisfaction with Chiawelo Community Practice (CCP), a project to use COPC for NHI, in Soweto?
  • What is the cost per capita of services for Chiawelo Community Practice (CCP), a project to use COPC for NHI, in Soweto compared to usual non-hospital primary health care expenditure?
  • What is a profile of a private capitation scheme, including cost per capita for primary health care, in South Africa?
  • What is a profile of public sector costs for non-hospital primary health care in South Africa?
  • What are normative costs for capitated primary health care by public service managers in South Africa?
  • What are the resource allocations needed to sustain a functional CUP as envisaged in the current NHI setup
  • How can PHC service packages be designed?
  • How can the relationships between contracted allopathic providers and traditional healers be improved under NHI?
  • What is a staffing model for optimal team-based dental/physio/OT/optometry services to a defined population under NHI using the Workplace Indicators for Staffing Need (WISN)?

We will many more questions here as we proceed.

Community Practice Research Group Studies List 2018-06-12