Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD


The Johannesburg Health District (JHD) has a research committee. The functions of the ‘Joburg’ District Research Committee (Jhb DRC) are to coordinate and manage research processes within the health district. Most of the work of the DRC has been to review applications to do research in JHD facilities but there are other functions also expected of the committee. See more about the DRC.

The application process in the DRC has been rather opaque and unresponsive in the past. It is now laid out very clearly on this webpage “Apply to Jhb DRC”. We are not an ethics committee but rather a committee to vet applications to do research in our facilities for its impact on the health service and patient care.

We are very keen on sharing the research done in JHD facilities and ask you to share your reports and/or publications. Register with Jhb DRC and submit an abstract or report and attach publications, pictures, etc. See what we have collected so far in “Progress with Jhb Research”. We hope to share PHC research, especially in Johannesburg, in a monthly webinar. Keep watching this space. Let us know if you want to support research in Johannesburg!

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