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Jhb FM Interns

With the two-year internship planned from 2021 to be an 18-month hospital rotation and a 6-month Family Medicine rotation, the number of interns expected in Johannesburg Health District will be increased considerably. However only half of them will actually be in CHCs/Clinics due to the PHC rotation requirements by HPCSA and variations amongst the three hospitals.

The rotation in Jhb Family Medicine now includes e.g., for Chris Hani Bara Interns, a month at CHBHAH Emergency Medicine Department, a month at a District Hospital (Bheki Mlangeni), and four months at a Community Health Centre/Large Clinic (with doctors present and supervising and a more comprehensive rotation including maternity, mother and child care). This stint includes two weeks at Chiawelo Community Practice (CCP). CMJAH and HJRMH interns have a slight variation on this.

Orientation Presentation

See the recording of the Intern Orientation below for details.

Slides Jhb Intern Orientation 2021-01-04 Presentation and DFM Doctors SOP 11-04-10 that is mentioned.

All interns for July to December 2021 are expected to join the Jhb FM Interns WhatsApp Group here.

All interns are expected to present on a topic taken from the HPCSA Logbook. See the list of learning topics here. Please ask your intern rep to register your name and details against a topic.

Register in advance for the weekly meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

All intern’s presentations are recorded and are available with other documents including a case for discussion the following week. See the list of presentations here.

Orientation Discussion

Review the Chiawelo CP Report 21-01-14  for the 1-hour group discussion on Roles of Family Doctors / Principles of Family Medicine in the first learning meeting for the block (2-3 pm).

The group discussion questions are:

1. What roles of family physicians can you identify in the CCP report and how is it expressed?
2. What principles of Family Medicine can you identify in the CCP report and how is it expressed?

See the list of articles on Consultation below as well as the consultation assessment tool to be used for intern observed consultations (based on Jugglers Model). Interns will also privately get a short video consultation to review and discuss.

The group discussion questions are:

1. What are the elements of Facilitation that you see in the consultations?
2. What are the elements of Collaboration that you see in the consultations?

COPC Orientation

See the recording of the COPC Orientation below for details.

See more details on Chiawelo Community Practice here

Family medicine internship support during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Town, South Africa – A narrative report

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