Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Intern Presentations

Below is a list of topics that interns are presenting weekly in Jhb Health District as part of their learning programme

1 Principles of FM (part of orientation)
2 Clinical Audit / QIP / M&Ms (part of orientation)
3 Patient Rights Charter/Batho Pele principles
4 Important health legislation in SA (p6)
5 Navigating Guidelines (p10)
6 Diabetes Mellitus in PHC
7 Hypertension / CCF  in PHC
8 Routine Disease surveillance/notifiable conditions
9 Motivational interviewing
10 Appraise new evidence
11 Asthma in PHC
12 COPD in PHC
13 HIV adults in PHC
14 HIV OI’s and prophylaxis, PEP, PREP (inc; HPCSA Guidelines on needlestick injury)
15 HIV paeds in PHC
16 Reporting serious adverse events
18 HIV counselling
19 TB / MDR-TB in PHC
20 Discharge Summary / Patient Referral Letter
21 Common mental health issues in PHC
22 Management of the aggressive patient
23 Poisoning and overdose
24 Substance abuse
25 Common neuro problems – head injury, CVA
26 Headaches / Epilepsy in PHC
27 Joint pains and arthritis in PHC
28 Breaking bad news
29 Chest pain in PHC
30 IPV / Child Abuse
31 Common dermatological problems in PHC
32 Common ENT problems in PHC
33 Common opthalmological problems in PHC
34 Minor procedures with local anaesthetic
35 Maternity Case Records in PHC
36 Completion of Partogram in PHC
37 Legalities- sick leave, death certificates,
38 J88, Injury on Duty Forms
39 Rational prescribing /Rational Use of investigations
40 Palliative care Issues in PHC
41 Contraception / Pap smear
42 Cultural Expectations / Conflicts / Language
43 Population-level approach to disease prevention / Promoting health in communities
44 Family dynamics/crises
45 HPCSA Ethical Guidelines (Books 1-15)
46 Ethical issues and human rights
47 Office of Health Standards Compliance (Clinical Governance and Practice)
48 M& Framework, Clinical governance and key health indicators in planning
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