Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Apply to do Research in Jhb

Do you want to do research in the facilities of the Johannesburg Health District?

Please start by filling an application on the National Health Research Database (NHRD). See the Researcher Manual (PHRC 2017) to guide you as well. Please make sure you select the exact clinics/CHCs in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We DO NOT review applications for any hospitals except South Rand, Bheki Mlangeni, and Edenvale. Ensure you include the full protocol (with tools), ethics certificate, and SAHPRA approval if it is available. Please ensure a clear summary is provided for a reviewer to understand under aims/objectives. Please be very clear about how you will recruit your participants under sampling. Be very clear about the burden your research will place on facilities under the headings

  1. The additional load on district staff
  2. Use of facilities resources
  3. Impact on Patients
  4. Other

Please keep the email from NHRD with the NHRD reference number safely.

You can apply to Jhb DRC concurrently with your ethics application. In that case, don’t worry about the requirement for ethics approval in the NHRD application. You may be forced to upload ethics before submission. Just submit a letter indicating that you will be applying for ethics or upload the ethics application acknowledgment email. You should get an email from us acknowledging your application and supporting your research in principle, that you can include in your ethics application if needed.

Your application and related documents will be picked up by the Jhb DRC Research Administrator as she checks daily. We will review applications within two weeks of application as a rule and provide an answer. If you don’t have ethics approval yet we will send you a provisional approval letter signed by Prof S. Moosa. Once we receive your ethics certificate (not a conditional approval) we will send you an official approval letter. We urge you to upload your ethics certificate to the NHRD afterward. The official approval letter will be signed by the Chief Director, Johannesburg Health District, and/or the Executive Director, Health Department, City of Johannesburg. You should usually get a response within one week of reviewer approval and/or presenting your ethics approval.

If you are following up then please quote your NHRD reference number! You can email, call, or visit Busi Sikhosana at the Jhb DRC Office at or (+27) 011 694 3909, Hillbrow CHC Administration Building, Klein Street, Hillbrow, Johannesburg to follow up. See more about the District Research Committee of Johannesburg Health District.

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