Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Visit us

Want to visit us? You can do a few weeks as an exchange student sitting with us in CCP, observing direct patient care, and participating in non-direct patient care. See more.

Want to just visit us for a few hours. See directions below.

Want to spend 2-4 weeks with us? Contact Shabir at Once you arrange dates with him you will liaise with members of the CCP team to be hosted in the local community within walking distance of CCP. Safe and cheap.

Chiawelo Community Practice (on GoogleMaps) is in the Chiawelo Community Health Centre (CHC) at the corner of Chris Hani and Rihlampfu Roads, in Chiawelo.

Public Transport (GAUTRAIN) Directions from OR Tambo Airport to Park Station (Very safe: ask guards for assistance)

As you exit into the public waiting hall of the airport look for the “Train” sign. Head to the lift around the right side and up to the last floor. Turn right out of the lift (using the opposite door of the lift) to get to the Gautrain Station. Buy a ticket at the Gautrain Office from Airport to Park Station. Check for ddetails of route map / timetables. You can also download the App “Gautrain”. Take the next train to Sandton. Jump off in Sandton (last stop), go up to the next floor and take the next train to Park Station. When you jump off in Park Station (last stop) ask the guards for the Rea Vaya BRT Station.

Public Transport (GAUTRAIN / REA VAYA) Directions from Wits Medical School to Park Station (Very safe: ask guards for assistance). Take either the Gautrain Bus or Rea Vaya Bus outside Medical School to Park Station. Just check with the bus driver. Find the Gautrain Bus schedule. You must have a Gautrain Gold Card to board – no cash is accepted. See Rea Vaya Route. You can go to the last stop (Joburg Theatre) and take the T3 or walk to Park Station and take the T1.

Public Transport (REA VAYA) Directions from Park Station to Chiawelo (Overall Map/ Vaya Moja App) [Fairly safe: ask guards for assistance. Don’t invite trouble: have nothing hanging loose and don’t leave bags untended]

TRUNK ROUTE: Buy a ticket at Park Station for Rea Vaya BRT to the corner Chris Hani/Khanya Roads in Soweto. Take T1 Route (or the faster T3 Route) (Park Station to Thokoza Park direction)  and jump off at Thokoza Park (last stop). Check the Vaya Moja App for times.

FEEDER ROUTE: Take F2 Route (Ellis Park East to Protea Glen direction) at Thokoza Park and jump off at corner Chris Hani Road & Khanya Road (6th stop) just past the Chiawelo CHC.

Walk 200m to the corner of Chris Hani Road and Rihlampfu Road with big CHC sign, walk 50m down Rihlampfu Road along the wall of the CHC, then right into the first street for 10m and right again into the boom gates of the CHC.

Car Directions from Wits Medical School. The easiest way is to take the N12 to Potch.

Car Directions from Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital. See map below.


Directions to Chaiwelo Community Practice (CCP) in the CHC.

Once you get into the boom gate of the CHC by car just just park somewhere and head to the Emergency Entrance. As you stand facing the large sign walk down the walkway to your right. After passing the pharmacy on your right you should turn left at the second intersection. You will see the sign above. Walk straight donw this walkway until the end and you should the CCP sign in front and doors of CCP to your right. Once you walk into the building ask for Prof Moosa at the reception.

Go to the facility managers office and ask‬ if you are lost.

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