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Clinical Controversies


‘compassionate use’ of ivermectin

Ivermectin for COVID-19 — Breakthrough Treatment?

5 day course Ivermectin reduces illness



Indicative Protocol for a First Level Oxygen Therapy Centre

Recovery Trial on dexamethasone_statement

COVID-19 Guidelines NEJM

COVID-19 Linked to Large Vessel Stroke in Young Adults

NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

COVID-19: Intensive Care Society issues new guidelines on ‘proning’

NHS reduces blood saturation targets to conserve oxygen supplies

WHO Warning: No evidence that antibody tests can show coronavirus immunity

WHO Advice on the use of point-of-care immunodiagnostic tests for COVID-19

With ventilators running out, doctors say the machines are overused for Covid-19

Noninvasive Ventilation: Pro & Con

COVID-19: What Can the World Learn From Italy?

Preparing for COVID-19: early experience from an intensive care unit in Singapore

Ivermectin kills COVID in 48hrs

COVID-19 and Sepsis

COVID-19 Care in Low-Resource Settings

The COVID-19 vaccine development landscape

The mysterious connection between the coronavirus and the heart

COVID-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret vs

Covid-19: Debunking the Hemoglobin Story

Australia fast-tracks trial of BCG vaccine for COVID-19 on 4,000 health workers vs BCG Against Coronavirus: Less Hype And More Evidence, Please

Last resort ventilator

‘Lifesaving’ ventilator device developed by Prisma Health gets emergency FDA approval

Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (ASPF) Joint Statement on Multiple Patients Per Ventilator

Abbott Labs receives FDA approval for rapid COVID-19 test


Chloroquine for treatment of COVID-19

NY Doctor Successfully Treats Patients With Drug Cocktail: “Zero Deaths, Zero Hospitalizations, Zero Intubations.”

Anosmia with COVID-19

Shanghai Expert Consensus Statement

Japanese flu drug ‘clearly effective’ in treating some COVID19, says China

Medical authorities in China have said a drug used in Japan to treat new strains of influenza appeared to be effective in coronavirus patients, reports The Guardian. Zhang Xinmin, an official at China’s science and technology ministry, said favipiravir, developed by a subsidiary of Fujifilm, had produced encouraging outcomes in clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen involving 340 patients. “It has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment,” Zhang said…..more

FDA issues emergency authorisation for Roche’s faster coronavirus test

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued emergency authorisation for a faster coronavirus test made by Swiss diagnostics maker Roche, a move aimed at boosting screening capacity to help contain the growing epidemic. Reuters Health reports that the new tests provide results in 3.5 hours and can produce up to 4,128 results daily. The Basel-based company said this was a boost to tests the company has offered until now……more

American Chemical Society overview of potential therapeutic agents and vaccines for COVID-19

Since the first reports of a new coronavirus disease in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, COVID-19 has spread rapidly across the globe, threatening a pandemic. Now, researchers from CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specialising in scientific information solutions, have issued a special report. In the report, they provide an overview of published scientific information on potential therapeutic agents and vaccines for the virus, with an emphasis on patents…..more

UK’s new-born baby with COVID-19 confounds Chinese statistical analysis

Early on Saturday morning the news broke that a new-born baby had tested positive for coronavirus in a London hospital. The case is striking because generally COVID-19 has had very little impact on children or young adults. The Chinese Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said its analysis of just under 45,000 cases revealed that less than 1% were under nine years old,….more

A Trial of Lopinavir–Ritonavir in Adults Hospitalized with Severe Covid-19

In hospitalized adult patients with severe Covid-19, no benefit was observed with lopinavir–ritonavir treatment beyond standard care…..more

Hydroxychloroquine – First Potential Coronavirus Treatment

During a press conference earlier today, March 19th, the Trump administration announced that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, among other drugs, are being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test as potential COVID-19 coronavirus treatments…..more

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