Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Jhb Family Medicine Forum

The Department of Family Medicine (DFM) in Johannesburg Health District (JHD) functions both as a unit of the Johannesburg Health District, Gauteng Department of Health as well as a unit of the Wits Academic Department/Division of Family Medicine and PHC.  We want to function in an integrated and mutually supportive / accountable manner for the benefit of the population and stakeholders of Johannesburg. 

The Jhb DFM team have a forum to share thinking and plans with key stakeholders. The agenda is broadly about the service challenges in Jhb, sharing both the attempts and challenges of the DFM. We will also be reflecting on training and research under the guidance of the JHD DFM. The audience is family physicians / senior doctors across Jhb (and some from other districts), senior managers in JHD, members of the Academic Department/Division of Family Medicine and PHC and beyond in Wits as well as select representatives of hospitals, research/training organisations, and community in Johannesburg Health District.

We hope to benefit from reflections of this wider audience in strengthening Family Medicine and Primary Health Care in Johannesburg. The  general theme will be “Integration and Coordination of PHC in Johannesburg” with four foci around: Clinical Function, Clinical Priorities, Clinical Leadership/Governance and Clinical Training/Research. Please register below to keep engaged and join our forum every 3-4 months.

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