Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Clinical Governance

A key role of Family Physicians is clinical governance i.e. providing leadership to achieving clinical outcomes for populations. Whilst this is so it is very difficult when managers dont make that role explicit and support it. See more about family medicine in Gauteng.

In 2018 MEC Gwen Ramakgopa and HOD Mac Lukhele clearly tasked family physicians in Gauteng to provide clinical leadership around a set of poorly performing indicators at a district level. Dr Akii, as acting family physician for Johannesburg Health District tasked various family physicians to provide leadership at sub-district level. See more about Johannesburg Health District. Prof Moosa was tasked to lead the team in Soweto (Region D of Johannesburg). The team involved members of the district clinical specialist team, senior sub-district managers and programme coordinators in a monthly review meeting and visits to problem facilities.

This Soweto Clinical Governance Meeting initially was for HIV/TB and Mother-Women-Child Health (MCWH) programmes. The full range of ±20 programme coordinators were brought together including coordinators for Non-Communicable Diseases, Quality Assurance, Ward-Based Outreach Teams. We have recently included Labour Ward Mgmt and Mental Health to the team.

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