Office of Health Standards Compliance still not up to scratch after 5 years: DA.

DA spokesman on health matters Dr Wilmot James said on Sunday he had written to the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health‚ Mary Ann Dunjwa‚ to request that Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and the Acting CEO of the OHSC‚ Bafana Msibi‚ come and explain to Parliament why it (OHSC) is incapable of measuring the quality of maternal (or any other health care) matter after five years since its establishment.

James said that a “breathtaking admission” to the Sunday Times‚ Motsoaledi had stated that the OHSC was‚ after five years‚ still “on a learning curve”‚ unable to design a robust health assessment model and therefore in no position to exercise oversight.

Asked if it took a simple organisation like the OHSC five years to figure out its job‚ how long would it take to establish National Health Insurance (NHI)‚ Motsoaledi‚ “with supreme arrogance”‚ had replied: “The problem with you people is that you are so impatient. This is grossly unfair. It shows a hatred for NHI.” more