I am appalled at the injustices suffered by Palestinians. It has always been a fact for me but it easily slips with the challenges of our daily life. I was ashamed that this happened to me. The incidents at the end of Ramadaan and the brazen nature of the injustice of the apartheid Zionist Israeli regime, and the world in complicit silence revulsed me. I shared a post that I thought uncontroversial but which provoked the ire of South African Zionists. See “Zionists cheer burning on Al-Aqsa” The response was so bullying that it made me resolve to strengthen my resolve to do more. I palpably felt the hate suffered by Palestinians.

I searched around looking to understand their suffering better and am ashamed at the extent of it and the duplicity in many of the people around me who talk of it as if it is anti-Semitic or between equals or complicated. There is strong evidence of a system worse than South African apartheid. See “Israeli injustice in Ramadaan!” It is just the tip of the iceberg in a clear indictment of all of us for shirking our responsibility in the face of heinous crimes against humanity. I will keep adding when and where I can.

I am proud to be a South African that fought for a democracy free of apartheid. We are still a long way off and I will pursue whatever I can to do my bit, as you see from my website and various posts. I support the South African Government in making a principled stand for the Palestinians and will hold them to account for it. See “ANC government must impose sanctions on Israel”  I will do my best to support the Palestinian struggle and hope to keep this post pinned at the top of my website, sharing whatever I can.