Yesterday, 3rd July I was invited by Women in Global Health (WGH) Cameroon chapter, as a speaker for webinar. The  objective was to discuss about the state of gender equality in the health sector in Cameroon. Let me add that from the 30th June to the 2nd of July was held in France the Generation Equality Forum. The second biggest international gathering since 25 years on the issue of gender equality.

It is clear in Cameroon that, albeit the fact the about 70 % of the health work force is made up of women, women have only access to about 20 % of managerial positions. However, the importance of women during the covid19 extends beyond the health sector.

I will mention the case of the informal sector. Petty trades, subsistence farming are actively promoted by women. About 60 percent of these activities are women-driven.

Women are also big consumers.

The contribution to the fight against covid-19 is also enabling evidence to be generated in a way that it can be used fast enough.

Again the role of women seems important as the story of Euphrasia Ndi shows. Where she should provide timely consumer feedback as part of the cochrane consumer rapid response. Please for more information read the link below…more