Educating children is another approach for building vaccine confidence in future generations by increasing technical knowledge, generating positive associations with vaccination, harnessing gamification, and supporting the rollout of vaccines to those in less prosperous nations. A school-based Internet learning resource in Canada, called ‘Kids Boost Immunity,’ is leading the field (Kids Boost Immunity, 2020). Teachers have access to over 60 free lessons and quizzes to engage digital-age students in grades 4-12 developed by teachers and health professionals in collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations, including UNICEF Canada, and some funding from private companies. The content is aligned with the school curriculum and includes topics such as evaluating online information sources, global inequality in health, the immune system, antibiotics, germs and infections, how diseases spread, outbreaks and vaccines. When children get >80% of the quiz questions right, they earn a vaccine for a disadvantaged global child, donated through UNICEF Canada. The spirit of competition is encouraged, and the programme displays rankings of the schools by the number of vaccines earned…more