Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Sub-District G (Lens-Orange Farm)

Region G borders Soweto in the northwest; its northeastern suburb, Lenasia, borders Johannesburg South. Its eastern, western and southern borders form greater Johannesburg’s extreme southern boundary. About 40 kilometres south of the inner city, it is the most isolated, least integrated region of Johannesburg. Although fairly remote, it is diagonally traversed by the N1 and the Golden Highway (both running from north-east to south-west), with the N12 (R29) running along its northern border. Residents of Lenasia have been able to overcome the disadvantage of their isolation from mainstream Johannesburg to some degree. Many had developed strong economic involvement with the city before being relocated here.

As a result there are small pockets of prosperity in these areas with some larger middle-income neighbourhoods and long-established social networks. Similar neighbourhoods are found in Zakariyya Park and Ennerdale.

In general though, much improvement is still needed. The bulk of the housing in these formal settlements still falls in the lower income bracket. And the large informal settlements, especially in the south, suffer from extreme poverty and unemployment, and their geographic isolation makes it costly to provide much-needed infrastructure.

There are a number of Clinics in the area but key facilities for Family Medicine are:
  • Lenasia South CHC
  • Stretford CHC
  • Lenasia Clinic
  • Finetown Clinic
  • Embalenhle Clinic
  • Eldorado Ext 9 Clinic
  • Lawley 2 Clinic
  • Weilers Farm
  • Wildebeesfontein Clinic
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