There isn’t water to cook rice for two people, but Cape Town is still open for business — in the literal sense. Joburgers still fly down for meetings, tourists still come for the mountain and it is still the nation’s second city.

I spent two nights in the Mother City this week. The 1,000-day drought is a natural disaster, but in just more than two months it will be a humanitarian one too.

Perhaps because of its isolation, the Cape can appear out of step with the rest of the country. The DA has never tired of saying how well it runs Cape Town. Not that the rest of SA was listening. We spent 2017 catatonically enraptured by the ANC’s attempt to eat us. Sure, every time we flew into Cape Town it looked worse, but upcountry we were trying to save the country, you know? ….more

Panic and blame as Cape Town braces for water shut-off