The Wonca Working Party on Rural Practice in partnership with Monash University is supporting a rapid WHO project to develop a Checklist for implementing Rural Health Workforce Pipelines (Pathways) in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). The Checklist has been developed based on a review of LMIC rural workforce literature and feedback of stakeholders from a Phase 1 consultation process.

We are now seeking feedback about the draft Checklist. Please read the Explanatory Statement (attached to this email). If you choose to participate, please print the Checklist (attached to this email), to refer to whilst you complete the survey. To complete the survey go to:

Responding with feedback and including your contact details, will ensure you are included and acknowledged as the Expert Reference Group for this project.

Please forward the email and survey to other people you know who could give us feedback as well. If you do so, please send the whole email with both attachments. All feedback is welcome.

The project timeframes are tight. Please complete the survey by 3rd December 2018.

A further consultation about the Checklist will occur before 15th December 2018.

We value your contribution to the project and your feedback. Many thanks in advance for your valuable contribution.

Kind regards

A/Prof Bruce Chater


Wonca Working Party on Rural Practice

DRAFT Checklist