16-Figure1-1Objective: To examine the scientific evidence about the nursing practice environment in Primary Health Care.

Methods: Three-step scoping review. 1) An initial research on CINAHL and MEDLINE. 2) A broader search using the same keywords and search terms in the remaining EBSCOHost platform databases. 3) Search the bibliographical references of the selected articles. The studies selected were from 2007 to 2018.

Results: 19 articles were included, most reported findings of the nursing practice environment and results for clients, nurses, nurse managers and the efficiency of organizations, in Primary Health Care.

Conclusion: Improving the environment of nursing practice has consequences on the quality of nursing care, with increased results for clients, nursing and Primary Health Care.

Descriptors: Nursing; Health Services Administration; Work Environment; Primary Health Care; Review


Shared by Professor Shabir Moosa

Professor Moosa is a family physician in Soweto, Johannesburg. His interests are family medicine, community-oriented primary health care, and health management.