No matter what the opposition from the private health sector, SA‘s National Health Insurance plan will be implemented, said Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health, and Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology. Both ministers formed part of the ANC national executive committee subcommittee on health, education, and science and technology, reports IOL. Earlier, in Pretoria, Motsoaledi said that the government had a constitutional responsibility to provide affordable healthcare to all citizens, irrespective of their economic status.

He said the World Health Organisation recommended that countries spend 5% of its gross domestic product on healthcare, but that South Africa spends more than the recommended amount, and in a disproportionate manner. “South Africa currently spends 8.5% of GDP on health.” “The private sector spends 4.4% of GDP on health but only provides care to 16% of the population.” “The public sector spends 4.1% of GDP on health but has to provide care to 84% of the population,” he said. “So this current financing system is unjust and needs to be reorganised so we can pool public and private sector funds to provide quality and affordable healthcare to all South Africans,” he argued…..more