Join the Prakash Vallabh PHC Research Conference of Johannesburg Health District 9am-1pm Wednesday 20th April 2022. The theme is “Translating PHC research in Johannesburg”

The morning session will  run from 9am to 1pm on Wednesday 20th April 2022.  This will involve 6 minute oral presentations (with no more than 10 slides) and then 4 minutes of questions and comments. There will be 21 presentations. See detailed programme below. All 68 abstracts received are posted here for you to view and evaluate.

Researchers will join an afternoon session with managers from 2-4pm to explore how findings may be incorporated by managers into improvement plans for Johannesburg Health District.

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Conference Programme

9.00-9.10         Welcome by Chief Director/Prof Shabir Moosa

Session 1: 7 Presentations [Systems/NCDs] (Chair: Prof. Yusuf Moosa)

9.10-9.20: “Strengthening the Emergency Care System at a Primary Health Care Level Using A Framework For Policy Analysis” Meghan Botes 9.10 M Botes

9.20-9.30: “The Views of Public Service Managers on the Implementation of National Health Insurance in Primary Care: A case of Johannesburg Health District, Gauteng Province, Republic of South Africa” Shabir Moosa 9.20 S. Moosa

9.30-9.40: “Pandemics and Primary Health Care: Principles, processes and practices in Johannesburg Health District” Richard Cooke 9.30 R Cooke M Petkova

9.40-9.50: “Assessing cervical precancer treatment rate among women utilising the Johannesburg public sector through record linkage of laboratory data” Amilcar Juggernauth 9.40 A Juggernauth

9.50-10.00: “Healthcare practitioners’ knowledge towards diabetic foot care” Tshifhiwa Mukheli 9.50 T. Mukheli

10.00-10.10: “Cost and outcomes of routine chronic-care and treatment for HIV, Diabetes and Hypertension patients at a primary health-care facility in Orange-Farm, Gauteng” Kerensa Govender 10.00 K Govender

10.10-10.20: “Attitude and experiences of patients collecting their chronic care medications at various Pharmacy Dispensing Units” Heathel Chohan 10.10 H Chouhan

10.20-10.30: Break

Session 2: 6 Presentations [Mental Health/Disability-Violence] (Chair: Dr. Coceka Mnyani)

10.30-10.40: “An Analysis of the disability framework and strategy for South Africa: implications for access to health care for persons with disabilities” Naeema Hussein El Kout 10.30 N Hussein El Kout

10.40-10.50: “Intimate Partner Violence and Shifting Masculinities. African men`s Experiences in Johannesburg.” Emmanuel Rowlands

10.50-11.00: “Development of a programme for nurses to manage survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Primary health and emergency care settings” Adele Greasley 10.50 A Greasley

11.00-11.10: “Screening for Depression in Women in The Johannesburg Health District Using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale” Raeesa Khan 11.00 R Khan

11.10-11.20: “Screening for Depression Amongst Patients with Chronic Medical Illness in The Johannesburg Health District” Yusuf Moosa 11.10 Y Moosa

11.20-11.30: “Impact of Belief on Care Seeking Behaviors of People Living with Mental Illness in Johannesburg” Michael Galvin 11.20 M Galvin

11.30-11.40: Break

Session 3: 8 Presentations [MCWH/HIV] (Chair: Dr. Maggie Petkova)

11.40-11.50: “The lived experiences of advanced midwives regarding the management of Obstetric Emergencies at selected midwife obstetric units in Johannesburg Region D, Gauteng Province” Elizabeth Mashamba 11.40 E Mashamba

11.50-12.00: “Infant HIV testing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving PMTCT guidelines in Johannesburg, South Africa” Coceka Mnyani 11.50 C Mnyani

12.00-12.10: “Adverse drug reactions and discontinuation of Implanon NXT® among users in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal Provinces of South Africa.” Shimona Prosad 12.00 S Prosad

12.10-12.20: “Causes of death identified in neonates enrolled through Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) South Africa, December 2016 – December 2019” Sana Mahtab 12.10 S Mahtab

12.20-12.30: “Validation of a screening tool to improve identification of children living with HIV in South Africa- Preliminary findings.” Christine Ngujuna 12.20 C Njuguna

12.30-12.40: “The ART treatment gap in Johannesburg- who is missing from treatment?” Nosipho Shangase 12.30 N Shangase

12.40-12.50: “What do we know about re-engagement with ART in Johannesburg? An analysis of routine programme data.” Kate Rees 12.40 K Rees

12.50-13.00: “Understanding re-engagement in Johannesburg’s HIV programme: An analysis of clients re-initiating ART” Melanie Bisnauth 12.50 M Bisnauth

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Session 4: Discussions facilitated by Prof Shabir Moosa

14.00-14.30: Systems/NCDs

14.30-15.00: Disability-Violence

15.00-15.30: MCWH/HIV

15.30-16.00: Way forward and closure by Chief Director