CITATION: Pan Afr Med J. 2018 Apr 3;29:196. doi: 10.11604/pamj.2018.29.196.14521. Cochrane Africa: a network of evidence-informed health-care decision making
across sub-saharan Africa. Mbuagbaw L et al.

Cochrane Africa is a network of researchers and health stakeholders who aim to support the use of high quality Cochrane evidence to improve health outcomes in Africa. It comprises a coordinating centre in South Africa, a Francophone hub directed from Cameroon, a Southern and Eastern Africa Hub directed from South Africa and a West Africa Hub directed from Nigeria. The network supports the engagement with healthcare decision makers to guide priorities, production of high quality context-relevant Cochrane systematic reviews, capacity building to conduct and use reviews, dissemination of evidence, knowledge translation, partnerships for evidence-informed healthcare and the creation of opportunities to expand the network.

‘We invite interested parties (researchers, health care providers, journalists, policy-makers, consumers) to visit our website [] and join us to strengthen the network, add relevance to the work we do and reduce inequities in health research that lead to inequities in health outcomes’

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice