WONCA News – September 2018
The latest WONCA News (September 2018) is available on the WONCA website with all news, views and information.

Education for Primary Care: Free Access article

Education for Primary Care are delighted to offer FREE ACCESS for one month to an article from Dr Hugh Alberti  on the “Authentic general practice placements for medical students.”  

This offers a review of three papers which compound evidence for the significant educational advantage of placing medical students in Family Medicine to learn. A useful addition to his paper in the British Journal of General Practice titled “Exposure of undergraduates to authentic GP teaching and subsequent entry to GP training: a quantitative study of UK medical schools”. This  demonstrates a positive  correlation between time spent  by medical students learning in Family Medicine and their interest in Primary Care as a career . Hugh Alberti et al Br J Gen Pract 2017; 67 (657): e248-e252.

WONCA SIG on Family Violence
We continue our series on highlighting the work of many of our WONCA Working Parties and Special Interest Groups. This week it’s the turn of the WONCA SIG on Family Violence, led by Kelsey Hegarty and Hagit Dascal-Weichhendler. The SIG on Family Violence (SIG FV), active since 2014, has focused in 2017/18 on continuing our global connections and supporting family doctors to undertake identification and care of families affected by family violence. The group continues to grow, connecting with other professionals who are interested in contributing their knowledge and ideas to the SIG FV. Reda the full report on line.

WONCA APR 2019: Kyoto conference
Although we are still looking forward to our conference in Korea in just 4 weeks’ time, we are also looking ahead to a whole host of regional events in 2019.  WONCA Asia Pacific will be holding its conference in Kyoto, Japan, from 15th to 18th May 2019.  Professor Nobo Ban, Chair of the Host Organizing Committee, outlines some crucial dates on the WONCA website, including calls for abstracts and deadlines for registration.