‘WHO has developed EARS, the Early AI-supported Response with Social Listening tool, to help health authorities keep a finger on the pulse of online conversations that are happening in real time, so they can see what topics are trending, what’s on the rise, and where there’s a gap of credible information that needs to be filled.

When health authorities understand what topics are catching people’s attention – and where there are information voids – they can respond in real-time with high-quality, evidence-based information and intervention recommendations to health systems administrators.

EARS combs the internet, reading publicly available conversations on social media and commentary on blogs and news articles, and then analyses what people are discussing. By using natural language processing (NLP), EARS can interpret context cues like if people are asking questions, if they’re complaining, and when there are gender differences.

EARS is currently in pilot phase following public conversations in 20 countries in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. It’s analysing 39 narratives based on keywords and hashtags and can be scaled to study any local context, language or future health threat. The platform can also readily incorporate other datasets, and resulting metrics data are available in an open API for infodemic analysts to use and share insights widely.‘…more