I’d like to forward the following on behalf of the WHO Global Observatory on Health R&D (with their permission).
The Observatory has some very interesting and interactive visualizations of health R&D and its funding that will be relevant to many HIFA members around the world.

We are pleased to announce a new URL for the WHO Global Observatory on Health R&D website (which still sits within the main WHO website).

In addition, the homepage has been reorganized to make it easier to find and navigate to the information, analyses and visualizations (interactive infographics) that users need. We also show some top statistics and facts that emerge from the Observatory’s collection of data, and feature recent news on health R&D together with highlights from the Observatory.

Currently, you can view:

highlights of the analysis of the R&D Observatory over the four years of its operation since its launch on 17 January 2017;
a list of information and resources on COVID-19 R&D that is collated and regularly updated by the Observatory;
a full list of all the Observatory’s interactive data visualizations.

The Observatory will continue to expand and update information on health R&D, so look out for news of these and do revisit the website often.

Please update your bookmarks with new link:  https://www.who.int/observatories/global-observatory-on-health-research-and-development