Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 12.03.31Especially in the light of the current measles outbreak, we hope that you may find it interesting to learn of the excellent work of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – “*Where Learning is Infectious”.***

The Vaccine Education Centre (VEC) of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia launched the Vaccines Makers Project (VMP) in October 2000.

The immediate goal is to provide teachers, students and parents with the information and tools necessary to share the scientific success story of vaccines. It also equips them to critically evaluate the multitude of science-based topics central to how we live on and interact with this planet. Initially providing school-based curricula the programme has now evolved to include a wide variety of other activities and resources, including:

* Vaccine Update newsletter for Healthcare Professionals
* Current Issues in Vaccines webinar series for healthcare providers
* Parents PACK program for parents
* Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know mobile app
* Vax Pack Hero game for children <>

*Links to all their resources *can be found from **, which include Videos & Animations, Teacher Resources Students’ Resources

“Only when people understand and consider the scientific underpinnings of relevant topics can we expect that they will be equipped to make informed and logical decisions.”

A summary of links etc may be found from our News summary and full details from VEC’s website

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