Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Jhb DRC, Webinars

Webinar PHC Research in Jhb 2-4pm 7th Oct


Dr. Bridget Ikalafeng, the research coordinator of Gauteng Health, spoke on “Gauteng Provincial Health Research Committee purpose and process” Presentation. Ms. Tess Padayachee spoke on behalf of Health Systems Trust about “Using the NHRD system” Presentation.

There were three presentations on work done/in process in Johannesburg:

  • Dr. Denise Evans of Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office, Wits Health Consortium on “Treatment outcomes among children, adolescents, and adults on treatment for drug-sensitive tuberculosis in two metropolitan municipalities in Gauteng Province, South Africa” Presentation
  • Dr. Elize Symington of Dept of Life and Consumer Sciences, Unisa on “Maternal iron status and birth outcomes: the NuPED prospective study” Presentation
  • Dr. Charmaine Blanchard of the Non-communicable Diseases Research Division at Wits Health Consortium on “A pilot study to identify patients at high risk of having lung cancer”

See recording


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