Founded in 1924 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Baptist Health provides care across 39 counties in Kentucky, six counties in Illinois, and six counties in Ohio. With eight owned hospitals and one managed hospital (comprising approximately 2,700 licensed beds in total) and a provider network of >3,000 employed and affiliated physicians, Baptist Health has >300 points of care. As part of our ongoing effort to achieve significant improvements in patient safety, quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, we recognized the need for organizational and cultural shifts in our approach to process improvement as well as for a set of methods and tools to facilitate and sustain those shifts. To that end, in 2015, we instituted a “Process Excellence” program to provide us with a standard toolkit and a standard language that we can use to solve problems and to improve processes across the system. …..more

A Multi-Strategy Approach to Rebuilding Workforce Engagement