8f9bd3ebbb7b409d8df09a0a105d587cSince the release of the contentious National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill, speculation has been growing about which healthcare services will be covered and which will be omitted. The government hopes to see the NHI implemented in full by 2026.

However, given that the available healthcare budget is limited, two questions apply:

  • How will government, as well as the private sector, determine what is covered under their benefits packages?; and
  • What informs the choice of a new drug, device or intervention?

Commenting on the introduction of the NHI, Professor Andrew Briggs – a world expert on health technology assessment (HTA) at the University of Glasgow, Scotland – said that “process and governance issues will need to be clarified and followed in full” before the government could decide on a universally beneficial and equitable basket of healthcare services…..more