Faculty, graduates, and current residents

I wanted to give you a short update on the development of the Ethiopia Society of Family Medicine (or E Society of Family Physicians or Society of FM of E or Society of Family Physicians of E, we’ll work on a name).

In any case, we’ve had some discussions with the EMA and with Dr. Aklilu who developed the Emergency Med Society.

 At this point we will:

  • get bylaws from Emergency Medicine and Dermatology Societies
  • get bylaws from a US society
  • present an update at Academic Half Day on Wed August 3
  • have potential chair persons present their experience and plans on Wed Aug 17 and vote for a chair person
  • develop a small effective executive committee committed to getting this started
  • see what forms and format the Ethiopia Agency for Charities require
  • prepare for an inaugural meeting Oct. 11.
  • On Oct. 11 Dr. Michael Kidd the world assoc of Family Medicine (WONCA) president will be here to oversee the inaugural meeting
  • Oct 12 – we are planning a Family Medicine symposium

This is an important landmark in the development of Family Medicine in Ethiopia.  If you have a strong interest and commitment to developing this society please let me know.  We could use dedicated workers.

Thank you.  Andrew

Andrew Janssen, MD, FAAFP

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine

Addis Ababa University +251 92 932 8985  andrew.janssen@aau.edu.et