This is the TBAs Video that was shot in 2015, the 10th Anniversary of the Association of TBAs in Cross River State, Nigeria. It was shot by the Dr Bassey Kubiangha Education  Foundation (BK Foundation) whose main objective is Health Promotion in the state. The President of the Association was informed about the visit but there were no prepared questions and she did not know that the interviewer would request to talk to the mothers. Their answers were carried verbatim.

The CRS TBA Association, 12 years on, still meets on the last Friday of every month in the main hall of BK Foundation in Calabar, Nigeria. The agenda routinely includes lectures from invited skilled health workers from medical doctors to Nurses and Midwives.

Obviously the experience varies from country to country and within country too. Many countries still cite WHO as the organization whose recommendation makes them ignore TBAs. We look forward to that a clearer recommendation from the WHO on the role of this cohort of human resource because that will better guide countries on what to do given that the shortage of skilled manpower is not about to end in the near-term. In our experience TBAs are trainable and can play a positive role in care of pregnant women in LMICs if trained, equipped and monitored effectively.

Joseph Ana.

Africa Center for Clin Gov Research & Patient Safety

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