Motivation for nomination as Member at Large, WONCA Executive Committee

I am a family physician with an MBA and PhD. I work in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa ( I am a professor in family medicine at the University of Witwatersrand. I have extensive experience in rural general practice and the development of family medicine and primary care services in both rural and urban district health services in South Africa and Africa. I am deeply involved in development and research around family medicine and community-oriented primary health care (COPC) in Johannesburg, Gauteng and Africa.

As the President of the African of WONCA (World Organisation of Family Doctors) (, I have had the opportunity to elevate the profile of family medicine in Africa through the website, social media and engagement on various platforms. The most important one was to build the relationship with WHO AFRO in early 2019 after the WHO-WONCA MOU was signed in late 2018. This led to significant agreements with WHO AFRO, supported by Dr Prosper Tumusiime, Director Health Systems Stengthening. Whilst this has slowed with the retirement of Dr Tumusiime in October 2020, we are in the process of establishing links with his successors. Two things of great significance emerged. 1. An open letter to WHO Country Representatives to engage with WONCA at a local level 2. Support for AfroPHC, an idea developed at the WONCA Africa 2019 Conference.

I have facilitated the development of AfroPHC (The African Forum for PHC) ( since August 2019, bringing African PHC team leaders together to advocate for PHC and UHC. I have been driving a set of activities to pull the team together in Africa – webinars, e-workshops, google groups and engagements. We have been able to achieve a considerable amount of goodwill for WONCA amongst PHC team leaders and influential organisations in Africa. I now function as the Executive Coordinator of AfroPHC appointed by a newly-elected diverse AfroPHC Executive Board. A success for me is the way in which the team feels empowered.

AfroPHC is affording me the opportunity to engage at high level making the case for appropriate PHC/UHC that includes family doctors. I have also served as an AHAIC Commissioner ( developing the State of UHC in Africa Report. There are many opportunities to extend advocacy of PHC and UHC in Africa and the globe.

I would like to serve as an Additional Member on the WONCA Executive Committee to take these lessons to a global level. I am especially keen on strengthening the relationship with WHO and exploring an active global collaboration with PHC team leaders around appropriate PHC for UHC “Global PHC4UHC”. I am also keen on strengthening the ability of WONCA Regions to meaningfully engage with their member organisations as well as key stakeholders especially WHO and governments. I hope I have demonstrated the ability to show vision in strategic thinking and action, but I also hope that my leadership in the WONCA Bylaws Committee has shown my capability for detail.

Shabir Moosa