Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 08.30.11.pngDear All,

Rural Wonca is working closely with WHO on the revision of the WHO Guidelines Increasing access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention. This is was published in 2010 and is due for review.

One of the objectives of this review is not only to review the contents of the Guideline but to draw on the amazing work that has and is happening worldwide on the their practical implementation. In our recent study for WHO, we found exemplars are not confined to high income countries but are widespread and incredibly innovative in lower and middle income countries.

While the support of central governments and administrations is vital to successful recruitment and retention of the rural health workforce, it is rural communities who are vitally invested in this and are key to its implementation – please send it on to key people in your community.

The enthusiasm of our young people, like our Rural Seeds group, is vital to this and the Guideline must allow a roadmap for them in their rural careers and service, even if is only for a few years – please send it on to them.

So please take time to fill in the survey and send it on to your local health professionals, students, community members, local, state and federal governments and professional organisations.

Our WHO colleagues need to hear your views and we want to see them reflected in the results of the survey.

We are  delighted to have a joint session with WHO at the Wonca World Rural Health Conference in Albuquerque on 12th October at 2-3 pm at which Michelle McIsaac from WHO will present the findings to date and talk more broadly about our efforts together for the better health of everyone in our rural communities.

So, for the frontline rural voice to be heard, please fill in the survey as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing your views.


Bruce Chater