With 1.3 billion people, India is the world’s third largest consumer of electricity. Over 450 million ceiling fans are in use and 40 million sold each year, but 240 million people still have no legal electricity connection. Demand for electricity is growing at the same rate as in France or Germany as millions of people in rural or impoverished areas seek access to power in their homes and workplaces.

What if India planned to meet that need with conventional energy sources like coal?   It isn’t. In fact, the country is focused on just the opposite. With a sweeping commitment to solar power, innovative solutions, and energy efficiency initiatives to supply its people with 24×7 electricity by 2030, India is emerging as a front-runner in the global fight against climate change.

That’s good news because if the world expects to reach its Paris Climate Agreement objective of containing global warming to under a 2-degrees Celsius increase, it is imperative for India – the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide — to be a global leader in renewable energy…..more