Dear colleagues
The Centre for Evidence Based Health Care at Stellenbosch university is offering 3 short courses online. These were previously done face to face due to the intense practical nature of them, but COVID-19 forced a reorganization of the courses that now permit them to be offered online without losing too much of the value of a face-to-face workshop. The advantage is that these can now be attended by participants globally and the digital format has reduced the costs as well.
Evidence Informed Decision making: The Art, Science and Complexity of Knowledge Translation 5 weeks online Short Course: 6 April – 7 May 2021
Engaging with Decision-makers: Issue Briefs for policy and practice 5 week online Short Course: 11 May – 8 June 2021
Engaging with the Media: Principles and practices 4 week online Short Course: 7 June – 30 Jun 2021
Note that the first course is a prerequisite for the other two. Many of you have already participated in one or more of these courses and we look forward to engaging with many more of you…more