From humble beginnings the Rural Health Conference has grown into a vibrant multidisciplinary conference partnered by Rural Doctors Association of South Africa (RuDASA), Rural Rehabilitation SA (RuReSA), the Professional Association of Clinical Associates (PACASA) and Rural Nursing South Africa (RuNurSA). Delegates come from all over SA and may be people working in rural areas, universities engaging in rural health and development, the Department of Health, and NGO’s from the health advocacy movement. This unique mix has created an exciting exchange of ideas, skills development,  a co-ordinated approach  to “rural proofing” health policy and broad reaching impact on primary health care and university curricula. We will have online webinars as well as face-to-face presentations and discussions! 

Join our wonderful multidisciplinary Rural Health Conference on 2nd – 4th September at Bela-Bela Limpopo.

Our theme is “Equity in Rural Health”

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