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On the occasion of the first ever World Patient Safety Day we are excited to share a toolkit and quality index for provider-to-provider telemedicine programs.

“First, do no harm”. Patient safety and quality is a cornerstone of healthcare service delivery, however every 5 minutes patients die because of unsafe care. It is important to safeguard the quality and safety of care delivery in all healthcare environments. To err is human, and it is but natural to assume that to “telemedically” err is human too.

A major goal in developing this Clinical Quality Index for Telemedicine was to achieve quality improvement, improve health outcomes and reduce preventable harm for people utilizing the telemedicine service, keeping in mind their safety and wellbeing.

These metrics help a telemedicine program to:

– Provide an objective standard for measuring the program quality and achieve continuous quality improvement
– Measure and record the efficacy and effectiveness of the system or process
– Establish & monitor best practices for patient safety to reduce preventable harm

We hope this toolkit is helpful to you in your programs!

Download the toolkit here:

Neha Verma
Co-founder/CEO | |@IntelehealthInc
PhD (candidate) Health Sciences Informatics, Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine

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