Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 12.52.29By Dr. Kyaw Thu, Program Director, Myanmar Academy of Family Physicians and Dr. Christoph Gelsdorf, Regional Director, Global Health Collaborative at Boston University Dept of Family Medicine

In the initial months of the pandemic, Myanmar reported few COVID-19 cases, likely as a result of comparatively low numbers of international travelers and very limited testing capacity. In recent weeks, however, the virus has spread primarily in the commercial capital of Yangon, and the country now faces challenges in disease containment unique to lower-middle-income countries.  While moderate isolation and movement restrictions have been implemented, socioeconomic realities make social distancing nearly impossible for much of the population.  The government has responded with an assertive case-contact and quarantine policy, meaning that on nightly basis apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, and neighborhoods are placed under government-enforced total movement restrictions. ….more