f1187135-b5d8-47d4-996f-68b71452c415PHC & COVID-19: Primary Sources 

Early Focus on PHC Improves COVID-19 Response in San Luis, Argentina 
By Dr. Raúl Urquiza, President Certification Council of the Argentine Federation of Family and General Medicine

This piece was originally produced in Spanish. The English translation was prepared by Dr. Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, and the original Spanish text can be found following this piece below. 

Villa de Merlo, where I practice Family Medicine, is a town similar to many in Argentina, with approximately 25,000 inhabitants located in the Concarán Valley in San Luis province. As is the case in most of the region, Villa de Merlo’s health system is predominantly hospital-centric. Over the last ten years, however, the Municipal Health Department of Villa de Merlo San Luis has evolved a more comprehensive approach to health care, calling on the coordinated strengths of our multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with stakeholders throughout the territory…..more