Below are the citation and key messages of a new paper in Health Policy and Planning. This illustrates a new dimension – intra-governmental coordination and cooperation – that was not described in our previous discussion. The paper appears to support WHO’s promotion of ‘Health in All Policies’ ( although the authors do not use the term.

CITATION: Navigating institutional complexity in the health sector: lessons from tobacco control in Kenya
Raphael Lencucha, Peter Magati and Jeffrey Drope
Health Policy Plan. (2016) 31 (10): 1402-1410.
doi: 10.1093/heapol/czw094

Corresponding author.

– Policy implementation is influenced by intra-governmental coordination and cooperation.
– Frameworks that have used to analyse tobacco control policy development and implementation have largely focused on the dynamics between government and tobacco industry interests.
– Our findings point to the need to expand this framework to include institutional and bureaucratic elements.
– These elements contribute to a more robust understanding of the barriers and facilitators of policy implementation.

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