A number of legal and medical experts have warned that the incoming National Health Insurance Bill could drive doctors to emigrate from the country in search of better working opportunities.

Among other amendments, the bill proposes price controls in the private sector, including a national price list which will severely punish those medical professionals who do not follow the prescribed pricing list.

Speaking to the Sunday Times,  director of healthcare at Werksmans Attorneys, Neil Kirby said that given the current scarcity of doctors, it would not be a good strategy to freeze out those who did not stick to NHI rates.

Norton Rose Fulbright director Michelle David added that doctors would not want to be told what to charge, especially as the largest purchaser of services (government), will also be able to set tariffs.

In addition to a number of legal cases that are now beginning to materialise, some analysts have also cautioned that the amendments could lead to a brain drain in the country. ….more

Brace yourselves for the economic Ebola that is NHI