MC-Masks-NarniaTo what extent are South Africans complying with government regulations and World Health Organisation advice on wearing masks? This question was explored in the University of Johannesburg and the Human Sciences Research Council’s Covid-19 Democracy Survey.

In the United States, according to a study by Gallup, only 47% of Americans “usually or always” wore a mask in an “outdoor setting” (though the figure rose substantially when asked about “indoor settings”).

The UJ-HSRC survey asked: “When you leave your home, how often are you wearing a mask?” After weighting, which ensured findings were closely representative of the country’s adult population, these were the responses:….more

Shared by Professor Shabir Moosa

Professor Moosa is a family physician in Soweto, Johannesburg. His interests are family medicine, community-oriented primary health care, and health management.