Quality of health services is critical to achieving universal health coverage (UHC). Overall, between 5.7 and 8.4 million deaths are attributed to poor quality care each year in low- and middle-income countries, accounting for up to 15% of overall deaths in these countries. Improving access to health services must go hand-in-hand with improving the quality of these services. Further, poor quality health services – particularly unsafe care – can decrease people’s trust in the health system.

The WHO Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) for Quality UHC and Healthcare Information For All (HIFA.org) are pleased to announce a call for its Working Group on Learning for Quality Health Services. Working Groups (WGs) are convened to shape the technical scope of thematic discussions for the HIFA and GLL learning communities, spanning a collective 20,000 members ranging from health workers, policy-makers, sub-national health officers, civil societies, professional bodies and researchers and many others.

About the collaborators
The WHO Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) aims to connect those involved in quality health service delivery by sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas; challenging ideas and approaches; and sparking new thinking for quality UHC. HIFA  is a global social movement to improve the availability and use of reliable healthcare information in low- and middle-income countries…more