Logo Clinical Governance.pngJohannesburg Health District’s Department of Family Medicine has developed a plan for the COVID-19 outbreak. Our concern is to protect patients AND you, as healthcare workers on the frontline.

The intervention is focused on three areas: community, facility and sub-district/district.

  • Community: the key elements of the community response by facilities are to ensure community stakeholder involvement, deploy CHWs into the community and ensure a clear consistent message.
  • Facilities: the key elements of the facility response is to set up a triage area at the facility gate to sort/screen/prioritise patients with flu symptoms, set up a temporary chest clinic to manage patients with flu symptoms, ensure strong protection of staff and management systems in this temporary chest clinic and have a strong overall approach by facility management.
  • District: The key elements of the sub-district/district response are to ensure availability of equipment/staff/consumables for the overall response, ensure clinical governance at facility level, support overall communication and explore expanded services and contingencies.

The details are spelled out in the documents below.

COVID-19 Plan Jhb Health District 2020-03-19

COVID-19 Plan Jhb Health District 2020-03-19 APP Incident Management Team Organogram