Two Brazilian family medicine trainees visited Chiawelo Community Practice (CCP) for two weeks to observe and understand the CCP model and the health system in South Africa. They stayed at the home of Sr Yvonne Katane, team leader of the 16 community health workers, within the community served by CCP. They spent the two weeks with us observing patient care in the clinic and the community, interacting with community leaders and being part of health promotion programmes in CCP. They share their experience in this short interview.

Another pair of family medicine trainees is visiting from Belgium in April 2018. Their stay is part of an international student exchange programme in CCP as part of the WONCA Family Medicine 360. Students visiting CCP are charged R650 for pickup at the airport and delivery to Chiawelo and then a very reasonable rate for accommodation and meals (R300 per person per night for Africans and R400 per person per night for visitors globally). Local tours are also arranged separately. Contact Prof Moosa at