Healthcare is a complex sociolegal setting due to the number of policymakers, levels of governance and importance of policy interdependence. As a desirable care approach, collaborative practice (referred to as interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP)) is influenced by this complex policy environment from the beginning of professionals’ education to their initiation of practice in healthcare settings.Although data are available on the influence of policy and law on IPECP, published articles have tended to focus on a single aspect of policy or law, leading to the development of an interesting but incomplete picture. Through the use of two conceptual models and real-world examples, this review article allows IPECP promoters to identify policy issues that must be addressed to foster IPECP. Using a global approach, this article aims to foster reflection among promoters and stakeholders of IPECP on the global policy and law environment that influences IPECP implementation.IPECP champions and stakeholders should be aware of the global policy and legal environment influencing the behaviors of healthcare workers to ensure the success of IPECP implementation…more