early-design-2190-lg-assessment-and-toolkit-v1.2tc-1Living Goods together with HealthEnabled is proud to announce the launch of a maturity model and toolkit which supports the assessment, planning and implementation of digital tools for Community Health Worker (CHW) programs. The launch is happening at the Global Digital Health Forum in Washington DC on 10 December 2019.

Based on the experience of dozens of experts, it synthesises the lessons from digital health for CHW projects around the world. The maturity model has been tested in Uganda and Kenya.

The toolkit contains:
–        A maturity model of 21 indicators covering the domains of the CHW program, the enabling environment, and digital tools for CHWs.
–        Top Ten Tips distilling practical experience.
–        A “How To” guide presented as a Cookbook, covering issues of Design, prototyping & testing; Costing & selecting the right digital health partner; Devices; Implementation; Scale up; Performance management; Data; Monitoring & evaluation; and Sustainability.

The maturity model and toolkit is available at: https://livinggoods.org/maturity-model/

HIFA profile: Peter Benjamin is SA director of HealthEnabled, South Africa. Professional interests: Digital health, mHealth, Empowerment through health information. Email address: peter AT healthenabled.org