Introduction: Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are methods included in the revalidation, retention, and refinement of medical skills, after formal academic training. These approaches have become essential tools for medical practice, especially for Family Medicine physicians. Family Medicine physicians often report professional practice gaps regarding their role in applying guideline recommendations in primary care. Keeping this in mind, this is the protocol for a new CME program. Objectives: To propose developing a blended- learning CPD course that aims to recognize the learning needs of Family Medicine physicians in Sudan and bolster their learning experience to improve their medical practice in the primary healthcare setting.

Methods: This is a proposal for the protocol of a new blended-learning CME program. We propose a longitudinal 40- week course that will address the topics of diagnosis, the latest laboratory tests, and procedural skills that Family Medicine physicians must have based on international recommended guidelines. The course entails a blended learning method, including various teaching and learning styles, and includes face-to-face lectures and online forum discussions of current Family Medicine guidelines.

Discussion: The current emerging scenario of Family Medicine and CPD programs in Sudan allows for the development of this program for family physicians. The blended learning style of the CPD facilitates the implementation of guideline recommendations and multidisciplinary referral in the primary care medical practice. Although implementing a CME/CPD program is challenging, this course focuses on simple, student-centered approaches to implement recommended guideline practices and improve family physicians’ healthcare outcomes in Sudan.

Interactive Blended Medical Educational Program for Family Physicians Article